17 říjen 2014

Thanks to great Cédric Champeau’s blog post how to setup JBake on GitHub Pages it was quite easy to migrate my previous Jekyll blog to JBake.

Many thanks for such a great guide.

As the guide is bit outdated, here’s few more steps you need to do:

  1. You can use Groovy enVironmental Manager to install JBake

  2. You have to use Gradle 1.10 to make the Gradle script working (maybe few more versions are compatibile as well)

  3. You have to use stable version of the jbake plugin (me.champeau.gradle:jbake-gradle-plugin:0.1 is working well for me)

  4. You have to create gh-pages branch first (orphan branch would do the best job)

  5. You may want to use Groovy templates instead of FreeMarker ones (run jbake -i groovy instead of jbake -i)

  6. You may want to add dependency publish.dependsOn(jbake) for the publish task so the jbake will be executed before the publishing when needed